glass tinting, if it can be tinted we will tint it

Glass tinting in Geraldton

Tinting your windows can make a huge difference on the amount of heat entering your car or home, as well as protection from UV rays and privacy.

Suncity Tint Shop can fit and install tinting in your home or your car at a time that suits you – call us today for more information on glass tinting in Geraldton.

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We tint

Suncity Tint Shop has many different types of window tints, for different requirements and products. We can:

  • Tint your car
  • Tint your windows at home
  • Tint your caravan
  • Tint your boat windows

Call Suncity Tint Shop about glass tinting in Geraldton today! Because, 'If it can be tinted, we will tint it!'


Tint professionals

There are some do it yourself tint kits out there, but our staff have been doing this job for years, and use professional products and tools to get the job done right. Don’t risk having bubbly window tint, get it done professionally. Suncity Tint Shop in Geraldton can put the darkest legal window tint on your car and can ensure privacy in your home.